Discover the Power of Cold-Pressed Juice

We’re not messing around with our juice detox programmes. Each recipe has been carefully devised by our nutritionist to provide a functional and great tasting juice. We boost each juice with our organic range of superfoods to help to support the body and increase the detoxification process and use as little fruit as possible. We have a cleanse to suit every lifestyle goal!




Been having too much fun? If your liver is in need of some love, rejuvenate and restore with this balancing and soothing cleanse. This cleanse package includes a special blend of nourishing juices and supplements to gently detoxify the liver and calm the mind… nothing too harsh!




Get body confident and kick-start your metabolism with this beach- ready juice plan helping you to shift unwanted pounds. Carefully devised to include thermorgenic foods and herbs helping to balance the blood-sugar levels and support thyroid function … where’s the beach?




This ultimate all-green cleanse goes deep into your cells and tissues. Designed to promote cellular detoxification and balance blood pH levels. Bursting with the most powerful plant-based chlorophyll-rich green juices and superfoods… one for the hardcore!

Verity Smith


Cold-pressed & organic juices acts as vitamin infusions & will provide an extraordinary boost to your health & wellbeing. Using, fresh, organic, local & seasonal produce your system will be flooded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants & living plant enzymes. In the presence of these natural and organic minerals and nutrients, the body can heal, restore and reverse disease.

Better digestion & absorption

Improved mood & emotional wellbeing

Enhanced mental clarity & concentration

Increased libido

Enhanced creativity & focus

Glowing skin & strong nails

Boosted immunity & natural defence

Lowered cholesterol & blood pressure

Hormonal balance & improved fertility

Weight loss (if desired)

Disease prevention