Our Story


Our Story

Ibiza Superfoods began in the summer of 2013.   Verity started importing her favourite superfoods to the island including a special sun-dried spirulina she had discovered during her travels in India.   It was a big hit with the residents of Ibiza and after a full on work-hard/play-hard summer they were reaching out for Verity’s potent powders.

Many felt confused by the myriad of information and asked if Verity would devise a specific blend tailored to their health goals.  Most wanted to either lose weight, increase energy or detox.  She started making tailored blends for her friends labelled ‘Blended For You’.  It quickly became apparent that a superfood blend with a clear purpose and function was much more accessible for the consumer.

That winter, Verity carefully researched and devised 3 signature blends for the Ibiza lifestyle. They were launched on Ibiza during summer 2014 with 12 on-island stockists selling The Fit Mix, The Detox Mix and The Disco Mix.

Much has been the success and the enthusiasm for the blends they are now launching in the UK and Europe this Spring, 2016.

Why Ibiza Superfoods?

cleangreensUnderstanding the demands of 21st Century living, Ibiza Superfoods have designed three functional blends to target the work hard/play hard lifestyle.  Each botanical blend is 100% organic and has been formulated and designed by founder and Nutritional Therapist, Verity Smith, to deliver a one-hit daily dose of targeted nutrients.

juiceloveWe offer a quality promise.  Many superfood brands are now buying the cheapest superfoods available.   Some of which are manufactured on a very large scale in parts of China where integrity and contamination is a concern.    We operate a “clean greens”policy meaning that we never purchase these mass-farmed products.  Sometimes this does mean paying a little bit more to source and import.  Our products are not always the cheapest on the market but we can guarantee you the finest quality we can find.

We’re as passionate about juice as we are about superfoods and our range of carefully devised cold-pressed juice programmes have made us the most popular go-to juice detox company on Ibiza.  We are delighted to now offer our cold-pressed cleanse programmes throughout the UK – with free daily London deliveries!  Optimum freshness and quality always guaranteed.

About Verity

dontcropFounder and Nutritionist Verity Smith is passionate about using food as therapy for healing the mind, body and soul. She believes our food choices are fundamental to good health and vitality.After qualifying in Nutritional Therapy and feeling burnt out on theLondon lifestyle she embarked upon her own journey of transformation and rejuvenation travelling extensively throughout Asia and Central America.

During her trip to India she discovered a Spirulina farm using a unique drying process. By using the sun’s natural light and energy to dry the Spirulina, they avoided extreme heat and nasty spray chemicals like many commercial farms. This method of drying greatly increased the nutrient and chlorophyll content creating a more potent and purer product.

Understanding the vast array of health benefits of this mighty superfood. Verity was now compelled to find more of the very best of mother nature’s medicine. Fully aware of Ibiza’s growing yoga and holistic scene she relocated there to feel more connected to nature and to help spread the superfood love.